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Delicious Glass Bottled mineral water bottled in Monterey Mexico since 1895. Very popular in the great country of Texas.
After mowing the yard, Big Dick decided to quench his thirst with a Topo-Chico while he laughed at all the trolls who wanted peoples time.
by Donaghu April 25, 2019
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A drink favored by gays, hipsters and the elderly. A common beverage seen in gay bars and nursing homes and sometimes referred to as “homo-water”. A effervescent beverage preferred by super flaming homos. The translation of Topo Chico in Portuguese literally means “top boy”.
Hey man, why was everybody in the nursing home drinking Topo Chico?

Because they’re old as dirt, and old people love Topo Chico.
by JT supreme June 04, 2018
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An effervescent dirt flavored beverage preferred by those who are gay, elderly or both. A favorite of those who have easily passed guards. Also referred to as homo-water.
Do you have anything to drink besides this nasty ass Topo Chico?

Nope. I’m super gay and that’s all I keep in my house
by JT supreme June 01, 2018
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A drink preferred by those of elderly or gay lifestyles. Sometimes both. It’s bubbly, tastes like dirt and and the Portuguese translation means “top of boy.” A favorite of individuals who have first names that rhyme with “Bon” Always enjoyed “pinky’s out.”
I don’t see how you drink Topo Chico . It tastes like dirt and it looks like homo water. Your guard sucks.
by JT supreme May 31, 2018
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