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by Hooda Math July 26, 2009
A high-five in which the two participants, moving towards one another, first deliver a normal high-five, then, while passing one another, bring their hands around and deliver a reverse low-five. Shirtlessness and volleyball are voluntary but may add to the awesomeness of this move. Also called the windmill.
Maverick, after spiking the ball past Slider: "Top Gun Five, Goose!"
Goose: "You are an ANIMAL!"

Ice Man and Slider stare in jealousy while pondering their own lameness
by GooseN'Maverick January 30, 2009
When five baddies are on top of you, performing and alternating sexual acts in different positions. Attendee must complete the performance by ejaculating over all of their faces
Word on the street is that Jake had a five top with the cheerleading team.

The DnD game quickly became a five top as soon as d'Raquala took off her top in a ploy to stun the Grand Master
by regretsword December 17, 2020
Anyone above the age of -6.99
Top five oldest year 7s are very very young
by Aliminatory October 26, 2022
When you vibe to hard. You make top ten
This cat kinda chill tho😯 he made the Top Five Vibes
by JewishMeister November 6, 2019