An Australian compliment regarding a male who is the type of fellow everyone wants to hang out with and have a beer with. Also, a reliable, helpful, good natured friend.
You can always rely on Ronnie to lend a hand when needed; he's a top bloke!
by jkmattf March 11, 2018
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Aussie slang which defines a male who has overall good social qualities.
The word "bloke" defines a male character while 'top" defines the overall quality of the person.
Mick is a Top Bloke, he got us front seats for the show.
by 5p3ctrum June 19, 2011
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A term used to describe the toppest of blokes. A "top bloke" is that carefree, gentle, kind, and simply perfect in nearly every way. Top blokes tend to be part Australian and often get told about their hot sister a lot.
Jake: "Hey, did you know Blake is just a top bloke?"
Joel: "Yeah, I heard he gave his lunch to a starving child. What a top bloke. Sister ain't bad too!"
Blake: "Aww thanks guys!"
by Good Compared to BL... March 11, 2014
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One of the greatest compliments you can recieve from an Aussie.
Top Notch Bloke means that you are the perfect man.
I love that cunt. He’s a Top Notch Bloke.
by Its_Called_Straya November 13, 2018
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