When you don’t behave or speak like any ‘Latisha’ or any ‘LeBrown’.

Used mainly by black people. Can also be used by Latinos, Asians or self-guilted white people.
Derek: “Hey guys! I met this awesome girl during ballet
LeShaun: “Ballet? WTF nigga? You too white!”
by JustAGuyOnTheWeb May 20, 2020
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Used by racist liberals, often self-hating, to describe traditional western European culture
Omigod, Becky, I couldn't stand that ballet it was like too white.
Shiet, dis place is too white
by dalrymple September 21, 2022
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1. An excuse used primarily by white males when asked to do something unappealing.

2. A term used to describe someone who has no rhythm, coordination, and/or has ever used the infamous "think of the children" in a debate.
Aren't you a little too white for that?
by Brobacca May 15, 2011
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Typically used by white males or people who have seen it all and just like mocking sheltered people.

Kids (white and minority alike) born 2000 and after have an obsession with U.S. black culture and generally shun the "whitest of the white." But when someone is "too white" it usually just means they are socially awkward, out of touch with modern culture, had a really sheltered and innocent upbringing, or do stereotypically white things like clap after the plane lands or say "Yello!" when they answer the phone.
James: *farts*
Connor (an 18-year-old man): Pee-yoo!
James: Oh my god Connor, you're too white!
by sham selton September 20, 2020
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