An Ugly male face, with a lot of freckles and a Big head.
by Regenkri February 4, 2009
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A feeling of over-joy when things go your way
I scored a goal in NHL 11 and yelled BOOKALY TOO TOO
by Cln Williams November 8, 2010
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Too too fu fu is the slang for toddlers that could mean fuck you, train or what ever context they use it. Takes extreem caution in the facial expressions and tone while it is being said. There is no rhyme or reason to this word but is starting to be an epidemic amongst toddlers.
Eat your supper or you’re going to bed, “too too fu fu” fine! bed time crying “too too fu fu” pointing at a stuft animal.
by Liberateme October 24, 2017
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An alternative word to celebrate, like "YAY!" "WOO-HOO!" and "YEAAH!"

When you are having fun, at the bar or out with friends, shout out "too too woo woo" instead of "woo-hoo!" and hear everyone in your group repeat it!
by woowoohoohoo April 5, 2011
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If you live in a small-town in Florida, you might have heard this one. An alternative to "Woo-hoo" and "yea-yeah". Bascially a term of excitement that you shout out, and then your friends better repeat it and keep it going! Get pepped up with a shout of "too too woo woo!!!!"
Okay, let's do shots!" "TOO TOO WOO WOO!" "YEEEEAAAH!" "WOO-HOO
by yeaaaahthatsright April 11, 2011
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When a person is overly excited about something; being first in line to eat, a date, get drunk, get high, etc... Should only be used before the occasion takes place or at the exact moment it begins. The purpose is to make fun of someone for being overly excited.
Joann was too on/too ready for her rendezvous with Stan that she showed up early. "She's too ready!!" Bill was too on to smoke that blunt, he coonfingered it up! Jim was too on for the concert that he got wasted beforehand and passed out before it even started!
by KEENEST March 17, 2016
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When you try to rush a task and you end up failing/it slips through your fingers.
John tried to continue his relationship but it was too slip, too quick and Stacy broke up with him
by WhyHasGodForsakenUs July 19, 2017
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