A way to say 'too far' while adding that extra oomph that lets you know just how far it has gone
Matt: Oh my god, James cancelled on me at the last minute

Aron: Wooah man too far

Matt: He told me he had to go to a family thing but he actually went out with Ben instead!

Aron: Too far blue car !!!
by spaghetti97 August 15, 2022
A saying used to express the overwhelming feeling that one may experience when an individual pushes the boundaries of a conversation
Aron: You are obese
Matt: Too far, blue car!
by spaghetti97 August 16, 2022
A saying used when someone goes way too far and crosses the line.
"Did you hear that Matt beat his wife?"
"Woah man, too far blue car!"
by Correct Man July 29, 2022
When someone goes too far, the saying is "Too far Blue car" because every word rhymes unlike the term "too far red car" which was coined by a special ed student known as Matt.
"That was Too far Blue Car!"
by Correct Man July 26, 2022
When someone feels like there “too good” or better than to do something.

*These people are the people you wanna stay away from they just be haters on everything you do*
Jayda was too blue to wear clothes from the thrift store”
by jordynn r September 21, 2022