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Coach of the Auburn University football team. Owns a 6 game winning streak over arch rival Alabama. Owns a 4-2 record over current Alabama coach Nick Saban. Inspires hate, jealousy and discontent among most fans of the University of Alabama. On a related note, most fans (96.7%) of the University of Alabama never attended school there. In fact, statistics show that only 7.8% graduated from any college, only 56% graduated high school and fully 75% of them are, in a clinical sense, mentally retarded.
Tommy Tuberville is the best college football coach in the state of Alabama.
by Buck Fama August 24, 2008
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Tommy "Ears" Tuberville is the head coach of Auburn University, a.k.a. the cow college, a.k.a. the barn, a.k.a. Chop Block University. He lacks integrity "hence the only way he will leave ole miss would be in pine box"

He has yet to produce a Nc for the barn. In 2004 he went 13-0 and nothing to show. He has to live every day, as the step sister to Nick Saban.

Teaches young men how to chop block.

His own wife had to sleep around on him to find a real man.
Tommy Tuberville highlights of ears career have been beating a mediocre Alabama team.
by david from bama March 18, 2008
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