A bubble, but a colored bubble. It's a purple color and has arms in it. Everyone wants one.

by yebba January 29, 2009
absolute whopper of a cock, hell of a guy. absolute bad bitch. goes around stealing everybody's girl. don't like Jake? he'll knock you out
god damn lisa just left me for that stud Jake Tomey
by Bigdaddy89 November 27, 2018
An abbreviated way of saying ‘to me’.
by GSO Student August 1, 2021
An abbreviated was of saying ‘to me’.
by GSO Student August 1, 2021
A sweet girl with cute glasses, but a striking resemblance to the "Boll weevil" and the pig with a monkey face, but with blue and purple hair because she feels the need to be the center of attention.
She is sweet girl but she is such a Sophie Tomei.
by KRISTOGOPHER January 24, 2017
Tomey’s are always playing fortnite, every Tomey has a last name that starts with the letter S and ends with the letter L. He is usually an asshole with straight hair and has barely any balls but can still get some girls considering his deficiencies. Tomey loves smoking up so if u gotta bowl he will gladly smoke it with you.
Let’s smoke a few bowls like tomey’s.
by Penelope gang October 22, 2018