Guitarist/Lead Singer for Blink-182. Really Cool Guy, I had The Honor of Meeting him, and Playing Guitar With him, People say He's Matured, but only in music, He's Still the Perverted guy from his 20's. His voice has changed , but in 2012 it's slowly going to back to before.
He Plays along side Mark Hoppus (Bassist/Lead singer) and Travis Barker(Drummer)

If you've never listened to a song I suggest Rollercoaster or Hearts All Gone
Lyrics To I Miss You
Dont waste your time on me your already the Voice Inside my head.
How Tom DeLonge sings it
Donaste yo ime on me your alraady tha yoice iinside mah yead.
Yet he sounds Rad while Singing It/
by BENWAHHH August 18, 2012
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The guitarist and one of the two singers for blink-182, he's REALLY cool and funny, he's also the lead singer/guitarist/bass player for a band called Boxcar racer
by Kyle Maskiw January 2, 2005
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Tom DeLonge, born on December 13th 1975, is a founding member of the bands blink-182, box car racer and angels and airwaves. He grew up in Poway, CA. Tom believes strongly in aliens--very strongly--and bought a computer for the soul purpose of looking up alien websites. He believes he was abducted and anally probed .. on purpose. His stage nickname is "Hott Pants." He's married (unfortunately) to his highschool sweetheart, Jen Jenkins and they have a daughter named Ava. He married Jen on May 26, 2001 after proposing to her while she was sleeping on their tour bus. He currently lives in Encinitis, CA. He was introduced to his best friend, Mark Hoppus, by Mark's sister Anne who wrote the book, "Tales From Beneath Your Mom," about her brother's band. Tom costarred in the movies The Urethra Chronicles 1 and 2 and made a guest appearence, along with band members, Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus, in American Pie. In high school he was kicked out for being drunk at a highschool basketball (possibly football) game. He was forced to go to Rancho Bernardo High. He was later admitted back into his high school and was voted prom king, which angered his school's officials greatly. The song "Dick Lips" was written about this event. Blink-182 is currently on hiatus since 2005 to "spend more time with their families", but Box Car Racer broke up one year after their first album "Box Car Racer" because Travis and Tom were both in the band and Mark felt alienated. Tom didn't want his best friend to feel this way, so the band split up and their website, was taken down. It has since then been put back up and the Angels and Airwaves first CD is expected out soon. A blink's greatest hits album is also expected out soon. Blink was the original name of blink-182 because Tom likes short verbs. But, they were sued by an Irish techno band also called blink and though many rumors were made for the reason of the "182" it is in fact just a random number to avoid law suit. Blink's produced the following CDs: Flyswatter, Buddha, Cheshire Cat, Dude Ranch, Enema of the State, The Mark Tom and Travis Show, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, and blink-182/self-titled/untitled. Aside from being a big gross pervert with his buddies, Tom is the sexiest man on earth and the funniest and best guitarist and singer in the world. I have been inspired by him and all of his bands (of course ... that's why i know this much by heart!!) and I will always love him.
Me: Tom DeLonge is the sexiest, most amazing man on earth!

You: YEAH!
by Tom DeLonge_Lover October 7, 2005
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Tom DeLonge is the greatest known guy in the whole world, hes known for being perverted and gross (but aren't we all), Tom is hott and the greatest quitarist and singer. Hes been in Blink 182, Boxcar Racer and now hes in Angels and Airwaves (like Blink 182 but softer and not as many swears) He is obsessed with aliens and UFO's and he says the only reason he got a computer was to look up UFO websites.
hottest guy, my god, THE GOD, Tom DeLonge got expelled from high school for getting drunk at a baseball game
by XxXVeronicaXxX July 20, 2006
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Tom DeLonge is the hottest punk-rock singer alive!! Although the band recently broke up, hes still fucking awesome!!
I love Tom DeLonge sooooo much! He is so hott!
by gwen and k-la March 18, 2005
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Too bad Fugazi was only his FAVORITE band growing up. To be influenced by something doesnt mean to copy it. People don't like him or his music just because he's famous, and the cool thing now is to not like famous bands.
Some people say Tom Delonge makes pop-punk music. So whats the big deal? To we really need the generalization or derrogatory name?
by ShitKicker January 26, 2005
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see: asshole...
What can I say about him? He is a horrible singer, a mediocre guitarist, but for some reason, people (including me) seem to enjoy his music.
His first band, blink-182, kicked some serious ass back in the 90's and early 2000's. Mark Hoppus sang more and was a much better singer, but Tom had the "Fuck me up the ass" attitude. This made him funny and fun to listen to.
Blink took a break in 2002 and Tom formed Box Car Racer. BCR wasn't as funny as blink, but still fun and catchy.
In 2003, everything went down the toilet. blink-182 released the "blink-182 (Self titled)" album. This album had Tom singing the majority of the bullshit like "I Miss You", "Always", and "Feeling This". "All good songs, just not his style" I said to myself until I heard the rest of the songs on that terrible album. They had joined the emo dark side and later broke up.
Tom later on went to form Angels And Airwaves, a pathetic excuse for a band with only a few good songs. He claims that the new band will change the world, but his ex-best friend begs to differ. Travis and Mark's new band, Plus 44, has one song released, "No, It Isn't", which is about Tom.
Now...Tom doesn't give a shit about his fans anymore. Just watch the Interviews on in which he lies about almost everything the guy asks him. He still has the potty mouth, but where's his sense of humor? Anyone who knows him, please encourage him to talk to these people: Jaret Reddick, Chris Burney, Erik Chandler, and Gary Wiseman.
Tom DeLonge: Angels And Airwaves is going to change the world!
Mark Hoppus: No, it isn't
by I LISTEN 2 EVERYTHING August 21, 2006
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