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The best musical in all of the world.
winner of ten 2009 tony awards, including best musical
15 nominations, tying the record.
show about a boy, billy, growing up in easington england, a mining community, in the 1980s during the England minors strike. He stumbles into a ballet class, enjoys it, and eventually Mrs. Wilkinson, his teacher, notices potential in him and helps him persue his ballet. The passion and intensity in this musical cannot be matched by any other. The story line actually doesn't sound nearly as good as the show itself.
It's been said that the show is "gay" because of the male ballet dancing and what not. Well, if they were to see the show, the number "Expressing Yourself" performed by Billy and his cross-dressing best friend Michael would certainly set them straight!

The show is SPECTACULAR.
Book and Lyrics: Lee Hall
Music: Sir Elton John
Director: Stephen Daldry
Choreography: Peter Darling
Danielle: Have you ever seen Billy Elliot the Musical? I'm going to see it.
Elizabeth: Do you know me at ALL? I am obsessed with that show! It's the best thing in the world!!!
by billyelliotlover84 June 09, 2009
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