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A mythological demigod fiercely worshiped in ancient and modern times by men and women alike, often the subject of inappropriate prepubescent tattoos. Renowned for his indomitable single raised-eyebrow, raucous biceps, thunderous procreation, and thick, rich Hasselhoff hair.

Also used as expression of triumphant exclamation akin to: "Shazam!", "Voila!", "Tadow!", "Get Bent!" and "Presto-Chango!"
"Hail All-Father, mighty warrior, one-eyed wanderer, Lord of the forge, consort to the love Goddess. Teach me thy paths and guide my hand, oh wondrous all-mighty Tol-man!"

"Hey, Ching Dao. Check out the buns on that hot dawg." (as he turns to look, Ching Dao is ferociously struck with a blindside b-slap to the orbital) "Awww snap - Tolman!" (said with bravado and pelvic thrust)
by Constance Farder February 23, 2017
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a huge peice off poo usually found in someones backyard it is usually about 7 inches long and is a redish brown colour
Guy 1: I think some kind of animal pooped in my backyard.

Guy 2: It is probably just a tolman.
by jordan doe December 19, 2013
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