a girl who has a perfect body and is stalked around by fit boys including perverts she's bossy and somtimes quiet.
She like to have a lauhg and can never say no to fun.
Guy : I saw a girl who had a perfect body shape

Guys friend : oh it must be a tolani
by tikyle May 31, 2011
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The most gorgeous and perfect girl to walk the Earth. She is super funny, and did I mention beautiful? Everyone loves a Tolani! Boys can't resist her and she has the most amazing body ever! There is no comparing yourself to Tolani. Although her name means "lady", it doesn't mean she's that innocent, goody-two-shoes girl that obeys all the rules, she's her own person. She'll do whatever she wants when she wants and the people around her won't want to stop her. she also gets her self into lots of trouble by following the crowed but doesn't really learn from her mistakes.
Alan: "I saw Tolani yesturday"
Ed: "wow ur really lucky"
by opposite June 22, 2012
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A person who’s defined to be as the king of DPS Bopal, CEO of the chick club and we can say maybe the most famous student of all time.
why do you feel like everyone around you wants you? there’s only one Dhruv Tolani
by ButterDawg3 April 22, 2021
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