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A subdefinition of poetry. Toiletry is a version of poetry specifically dedicated to toilet topics, such as feces, urine, vomit, or other general activities that take place in a bathroom or other venues for such activities, such as sexual intercourse, lunch, laptop movies, homework, among others.
Example of Toiletry:

are you kidding? who said i had clothes off?
nobody told you? i partake in an abnormal ritual of sitting down on a toilet seat with all of my clothes on, and excrete waste into my pants, suspending it above the water,
teasing the water...
then right before i feel i've teased enough, i moon the water,
exposing it to enormous amounts of fecal decay large enough to suffocate even the largest of orifices.
-2007 John Jenkins
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A word used on having to attempt more than once to go to the bathroom to finish off what you have to do (usually referred to for pooping / shitting). Sometimes when you have to have a shit, it just isn't as easy as you thought it would be. You would give up and attempt to go to the toilet again. Hence, the word toilet and try combined to make the word.
I felt it comin', I really needed to go! So I went to the toilet and it turned out I needed not just 1 toiletry but 2 toiletries to get it out of me. That shit really fooled me!
by KingofDefinitions May 21, 2019
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