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When you produce a short, but loud fart while sitting on a toilet that sounds like an angry duck (in part by the toilet bowl amplifying the sound).
"I could hear Jim's toilet duck from outside of the bathroom."
by mariomixedup February 20, 2017
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A toilet bowl cleaning product with a duck shaped head.
"They stole that Toilet Duck idea from me, you know. In my original sketches, I had it as a goat."
by signull June 20, 2006
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Someone who is known to let Catmandoo's own him. Usually caused by ToiletDuck eating or perhaps watching his kitty, while Catmandoo kills him.
Wow, Catmandoo, you killed me while I was watching television and brushing my teeth!
by Marc March 17, 2005
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One who hangs around the sanitation area of a building waiting for someone to enter a cubicle so they can pop their head under and/or make stupid noises to annoy them. Once the frustrated person leaves the cubicle they will be harrased and quite likely flashed.
George Michael was a toilet duck until he got arrested by an off-duty police officer.
by Gumba Gumba April 10, 2004
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When you're sitting on the toilet, and you get an erection which gets stuck under the toilet seat.

Often a painful experience.
"I'll be out of the bog in a minute, I've got toilet duck"
by gitboxcowboy March 14, 2012
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