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The "Tofa" , is a shell of the sea from which they can get a sound by blowing into it.
In southern Italy, and more precisely to Naples and its surroundings, "tofa" is an insult directed at women. It's a synonym for "bitch".
Tua mamma Γ¨ un tofa!
Your mom is a tofa ( bitch/ whore)
by Mangiaspaghetti April 12, 2008
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Short for "too old for Abercrombie." Used to refer to someone wearing blatant Abercrombie & Fitch clothing that is over the age of 30.
He's hot and has a great bod -- too bad he's a TOFA.
by Juliexxx July 25, 2004
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Tofa is a restless creator within the fields of multimedia and lightwiriting coming from Berlin. Under the pseudonym Tofa, Chris Noelle works for the wellknown legendary club & label Tresor as well as heΒ΄s giving lectures for multimediapresentations for architect students at the Beuth University, Berlin.
find all his works here:
by Tofa October 30, 2011
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Realy slangy italian word, it stands for high, stoned or well fucked up, usually referred to weed.
Porca puttana sei tutto tofa.
OMG your well fucked up!
by terrontonton April 16, 2009
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