A Picture taken by placing your phone on the ground and taking the picture with your toe. It was orginated by the Gormley family at an unknown date.
Boys, get in here! I'm taking a toe pic.
by JohnnyboyG November 10, 2019
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Something that you send or get sent.
Hey man, she sent me some Toe Pics.
by Toe Pincher February 12, 2019
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It is a code word to ask someone to send nudes/naked photo without anyone knowing!
“Yo can you send me a toe pic
by hahaha9 August 1, 2020
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either pics of the toes on your feet,

or pics of a coochie
Hey, can I get sum toe pics, please ma'am.
by HeccinDoggo March 4, 2019
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February 29th is known as National Toe Pic Trading Day. On this day, it is customary to send quality pictures of your toes to your friends. Make sure to moisturize your toes and clip your nails. Many participants decide to hire a professional Toe Photographer. Toe Photography is now a growing industry, thanks to this national holiday. This holiday was established by our founding fathers upon discovering their love for toes and the freedom that our foot-fingers symbolize.
—“Bro, make sure to moisturize you toes on National Toe Pic Trading Day.”
—“Of course bro, can’t wait.”
by noscrofopo-official November 14, 2019
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