The ship between Yaoyorozu Momo and Todoroki Shouto, usually based on the support and trust seen between the two of them during their Final Exam among other small moments.
A: Do you ship Tododeku?
B: Yeah, but I also really like Todomomo
A: Aw, I get it. Momo just deserves the best as long as she's happy!

Because we should be respectful to one another ships :)
by SecretSaladSoupandCereal October 1, 2019
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A ship between Five Peepee Man and best girl ( Yaoyorozu Momo ).
People are always salty about them because they're more likely to become canon.
Their fanclub leader is Kaji Yuki
Person A: I love Kiribaku and Todomomo.
Person B: I prefer Tododeku but I like Kiribaku too!!
Fucking asshole: ThAt SHOulDn't exiST. (Tododeku's better)
by TheRealThanos June 16, 2019
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a ship for todoroki and momo that shouldn't exist.(tododeku's better)
-random boy 1: who do you ship it mha?
random boy 2 :todoroki and yaoyorozu(todomomo).
random boy 1: get out and DIE EXTRA!!!
by no endgame spoilers -_- May 13, 2019
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