Hot Chick :) Very loving and sweet. The kindest and most caring girl you will ever meet #Nuff said :) P.S. Made by someone who loves her ;)
Did you see those 2?

OMG It must be a kaji :O
by Lalala? :) October 22, 2011
Biggest dick in the word also the finest young man alive.
by Takaji May 21, 2019
Anime League's #1 "Scumdog of the Universe".
"Clan NERV sucks, thanks to Kaji Ryoji and his bad attuide."
by Kaji Ryoji ^_~ June 10, 2003
A massive influence in the region of Sector 10, localized within City Twenty-Four. Kaji is a multi-establishment organization that seeks to expand its influence within the city under the guises of ISO-Centralism.
Person 1: Did you visit the new Kaji store today?
Person 2: Yeah! Kaji Restaurant is great!
by TheVinyl February 23, 2022
The word Kaji was created by a person named Kaji. Kaji can be used with anything just by putting it infront or behind. Like Kaji Poopstar or poopstar kaji. You can also use it as a swear word.
You're a big fat Kaji or I am Kaji Joestar!

Damn this Kaji is so slow, maybe we should call Kaji poopstar.
by Srieza May 27, 2020
Kaji originated by the Kaji Tribe in the year 420 before christ, it was used to swear or direct someone. It can be used as a name like Kaji Poopstar or even used as a swear word.
You big fat Kaji, you're nothing but a Kaji!

Or to direct someone - This is Dio Kaji he hates pandas, he thinks they are like kajis.
by Srieza May 27, 2020