Todd is the gayest of the gays. He is the one that all of the gays look to when they are having hard times. No matter how hard the problem is, Todd always makes sure to jump on it.
Me and my boyfriend are not being the L Todd that we could be.

If L Todd was here, he would show us how to suck the golf ball through the garden hose.
by Wisconsin Redneck Trucker February 3, 2023
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Young, conservative professionals or preppy types.
Used to describe these people in leisure or recreational settings.
After work the gym fills with Todds and Stacys.
by Punjab January 14, 2013
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100% guarantee to have a massive forehead and a receding hairline at the age of 12, he is quite smart but has 0 chat and only shoots 2's. All his ex's are Indian and he loves a bit of spice. He acts like he's the bollocks but is a big pussy, he needs to grow up, tell him to stop chatting to munters.
dave 'you seen that max todd guy'
john 'yeah hes a right munter hunter'
dave 'no hairline merchant'
by geeza1291 January 12, 2023
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Mr todd is a totally fictional character first introduced in 2020 as part of an episode of little dribble. Mr todd often comes across as a bit perverted but he just likes to give after school detentions to everyone in the little dribble boys chior.
"oh my god its Mr Todd"
"Yes i was nonced on by mr todd at my after school detention yesterday"
by hunnybunnytopg November 4, 2022
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A person that usually can’t get laid and was deprived as a child. Is usually super awkward in public. He/she wants to communicate with people but is too uncultured to do so.
Guy 1: Great I’m working with Stuart today

Guy 2: Have fun with that Pee Pee Todd
by Daniel Desario January 10, 2022
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