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Inserting your penis in a females anus, while both of you are standing at the top of a flight of stairs. Start doing the nasty, then rabbit punch her in the back of the head, and ride her down the flight of stairs, like a tobagon in the snow.
"She said she enjoyed sledding, I said tobagoning would be more fun. She agreed, and 450 stitches later, we realized we wernt on the same page."
by C.C. Holbrook September 22, 2008
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engaging in sexual intercourse on the top of a staircase, pulling out before ejaculation and riding the female down the stairs like a snow sled.

*see also jamaican bobsled team
That chicks beat but she's at least good for a tobagon.
by yea bro August 08, 2007
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the act of a girl giving one head while one rides her down the stairs forcing the head to move in a pleasing motion violently to bring instant oral gratification
by mike hunt December 31, 2004
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