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When a man places his genitals next to a space heater for ten minutes before performing sexual, vaginal, intercourse with a woman.
Man 1: What happened with that girl last night?
Man 2: I had to dip out. She came at me with a space heater wanting a toastee.
by Pudge Jefferson November 15, 2009
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Name given to the "drunk" girl on the first episode of Flavor of Love. She also appeared on Charm School and I Love Money. Can also be used to describe anyone who is a little buzzed!
Toastee may drink a lot, but DAMN she's got a nice ass! Flav missed out.
by RealityFan April 07, 2009
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Hot or sexy, mainly as an adjective to describe girls, but it can be used to describe a boy.
Man, that boy is toastee!
by rhyme29 December 30, 2007
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