To stalk someone in a creepily fashion.
'Im going seb you' Sebbing, Sebbed to seb
by fliberhib December 7, 2010
A bloody sexy unit. He's hella cute and goofy. Anytime he posts anything, you're heart jumps out of your ass. He ages like fine wine - hot with a beard and without. Find yourself a Seb and never let him go.
After 30 years, Seb is still looking mighty fine tonight.
by alegendaryguy August 26, 2018
REEEEEEE A WILD ANIMAL that hides in alaska
We've got a wild SeB in his natural habitat. "Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" Its attacking!!!!!!!!
by The Real SeB June 5, 2019
(SEBS) Sudden Explosive Bowel Syndrome: you are minding your own business when all of a sudden the disturbed feeling that you are about to shit 6 gallons of tapioca pudding rockets through your gut box and you have T minus 5 seconds to find a crap can or lose your favorite boxers forever.
"Man, I ate some bad seafood last night and had a serious case of the SEBS this morning."
by Bigger T April 13, 2006
An acronym for Sudden Extreme Boner Syndrome. SEBS may occur due to a sudden high volume of stimulation, or occasionally no apparent reason at all. Unfortunate recipients of SEBS often experience pain, rupturing of clothing in the crotch, among other unpleasantries.
Stacy was going down on Chad, when Chad suddenly thought about Stacy’s mom and immediately contracted SEBS. His powerful erection broke the sound barrier and punched a hole in Stacy’s skull. Stacy’s mom heard the sonic boom from downstairs and immediately knew that SEBS had just lobotomized her daughter.
by Hammer of Jesus February 5, 2019
When a guy is so flexible they can suck their own dick.
Person 1: You're so flexible dude, do you seb?
Person 2: Nooooo. (Glances around)
by Essexgirll May 29, 2014
A word to describe some who is extremely drunk. They are more than likely passed out or paraletic.
Person A: hey, did you go to that party last night?
Person B: yeah, i was sick everywhere. I was totally sebbed.
by Whitton08 January 12, 2010