Mimicking the sound a retarded baby horse makes whilst it trots.
"Look at that retarded baby horse! TLAK TLAK TLAK"
"Stop Tlaking, You're embarrassing me. "
by BabyBrownSugar April 11, 2009
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Brad Pitt was tlaking to George Clooney, then Russ Toothman walked up and they began talking.
by HBJD August 5, 2011
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A seemingly innocent common error made in a text when your friend's ex-girlfriend texts you misspelling 'talked' intending to say "Hey! We haven't talked in a while...", however in reality 'Tlaked' is meant as a sexual invitation that will undoubtedly leave your friend furious with you after you have ravaged his ex with passionate sex in his backyard. Often the friendship is ruined however in cases of a 'Double-Tlaked' in which each party tlaks each others ex the betrayal is neutralized.
Brandon : "Dude, did you hear George and his girlfriend broke up?"

Jess : "Yeah, she sent me a text saying we haven't Tlaked..."

Brandon : "You would tlak his ex so soon? Damn dude' that's cold"
by Zeus Alexander Neverwinter February 10, 2010
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