Amazing person with great sense of humour and is always under the spotlight of an event. Great future awaits if you are a Tison. Smart and intelligent in doing all sorts of things including studying and doing chores. Best guy name on earth totally name your kid that in future. You will be in for a treat. Good guy to recommend for a date and very sweet to take care of animals and kids:) Overall, Tison’s are great to be a friend of.
Tison is awesome and loyal to me.
by Bryan Langoaisi July 26, 2020
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When a woman squats on your penis and girates at a clockwise motion while rubbing her clitorous in a counter-clockwise direction.
"Man, I busted after only two minutes when she tisoned me."
by Advisory Class June 5, 2005
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A stick that is fuckin hot and they stick it up anybodies ass
Jovan Iam going to stick a TISON up your ass
by N******* June 2, 2003
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Adjective; when something is weird or uncomfortable
Hey that’s pretty tison of you chill out
by Colddiver September 11, 2021
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