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'Look at him, he's tipsy'
by Alex July 24, 2003
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You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
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The state when you are drinking alchohol in which you are past light headedness but before being drunk.
I'm tipsy on one and a half budweisers... I love being a featherweight
by Shaun01010 July 11, 2004
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First of all, whoever wrote that your body shuts down and you die if your drunk and high at the same should be slapped.
-Tipsy is when your buzzin from alcohol, but your not hammered yet.
Person one: Yo are you drunk?
Person two: Nah, im just tipsy
by JLB May 02, 2004
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just a lil drunk not quite drunk
Man im so tipsy rite now i hjad like 8 beers
by LilJOnwhattt: July 22, 2005
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When your not drunk enough.

It is also the usual response when someone wants to drive after they drank excessively.
Rinaldo: Oh crap... these three beers only got me tipsy.

DD: No trust me... I'm good really. I'm just a tid bit tipsy, I can totally walk to my car by myself thanks. Now where did I put my pants?
by T. Baggen April 29, 2009
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Being a little drunk, but not completely.
He's trying to get me tipsy so he can get me in the bed with him.
by Blanchard November 05, 2006
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