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A very bright girl who is very kind and very sweet. But will drag a hoe if she has to.
Calm down and stop being a tinka !
by Mm Kk January 03, 2017
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a very cool and fun loving girl she rocks!! Her name is sorta strange but shes the best!! Shes awesome! And she luvs to be around people :
Person 1: I just went out to dinner with my friend today.
Person 2: Really how was it??
Person 1: I had a greatt time she was a tinka today!
by Avacado May 31, 2008
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A Russian prostitute; commonly goes by the alias of Sophia. Also the major Tinky Queen.
“I met a bunch of girls from Apex but there was one thay I’ll never forget, her name was Tinka and she was a WILD ride I’ll tell you that!”
by jeffyjr12345 September 26, 2018
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