A person, usually a male, who goes around on xbox LIVE harassing people for no reason. Tin Cans use nooby tactics to "win". In reality they don't win, and they have no skill whatsoever.
Guy 1: Man, you know that tin can we met on Black Ops?
Guy 2: Yeah, he was stupid. He died more times than he got kills too!
Guy 1: Yeah, he needs to get a life.
by MrCybrody January 8, 2011
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The big yellow school bus that all lower class citizens ride to school, usually they lack proper heating and drivers love to say howdy
“Look here come all the humble tin can riders this morning.”
by Thiccboiclub November 9, 2017
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Hey bro you got any of the good shit?

Naw bro all i got is some tin can.
by SolidStoner November 8, 2010
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A Pissy Boy.
Cannot contol his bladder for the life of me.
Never allowed to spend the night over anyones house because of his "Bed wetting problem".
But we all know that the fCker is just lazy.
Steve: Im so mad right now! My house reeks of piss! Smells like a freaking alley way!
Earl : Oh mann?! Tin Can Came over?

Steve : Hell the fCk Yeaahh Mann ! How'd yu know?
by OmgThatRocketsHugeeee August 8, 2009
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Irish slang for a vagina, used with innuendos when trying to hide what you're talking about.
Mickey: So me ol' mate, what were y'up too last night?
Tom: Ah y'know, just gettin' in at me wife's old tin can is all, if ye catch me drift.
by JimmyMcCormick July 3, 2013
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a group of 3 "brothers" (joey richter, brian rosenthal, corey lubowich) from starkid that also make musicals
1. Have you seen Spies are Forever by the tin can brothers?
2. Yeah, but I'm still not sure if it's about spies or not.
by ratalouis September 16, 2019
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Questionable actions (specifically those of loose women or women lacking a strong moral fiber) that take place anywhere tin cans and/or various other debris are present.
<i>walking up Limestone with Mattbro1 after breakfast at Tolly Ho's after work</i> - "Wonder what kind of tin can sluttery goes on here after the bars close?"
by Nokmin of Adonai September 18, 2006
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