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Beautiful inside and out with a heart of gold! caring friend, flirty and all the guys want her. Motivator + go getter..
I want a Timia..
by DiaryDose September 03, 2017
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Very beautiful girl , she’s mature for her age and hates fake girls , she has short temper when she walks in the room everyone looks at her beautifulness πŸ’™ she’s hates people that acts dumb . Sometimes lazy but love to dance . She has a lot of friends and all the boys love her .
Omgg look at timia 🀫
by Datbitchyadig July 24, 2019
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Timia is a shy girl still pretty fun and cool tho hates fake girls has a short temper some times a beautiful person all of the boys like her.
Hey that gurl looks like a timia
by loveculture December 13, 2013
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Timia is a bad bitch all the boys want her she’s so pretty and all the attention goes to her when she walks through the door. She has a lot of friends because she is caring, funny, and outgoing.
Is that Timia Damn she’s bad
by BadB1tch May 01, 2018
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