A hentai featuring a generic male protagonist, with hair long enough to cover the eyes, as he stops time to have sexual intercourse with his totally not related by blood stepsisters in order to flex on his father. As you can see, this mad lad is clearly not in it for the more primitive desires, for he is an intellectual far superior then you can comprehend. This 5000 IQ act was solely to flex on his father, so much so that a fambase of other intellectuals rallied together to flex on 'the world', and you know I'm serious cause I said 'the world' and not Za Warudo.
Fambase: Lord Nuxanor, Time Stop Hentai is appearing in the search bar of Pornhub!

Lord Nuxanor: Clearly this was done by intellectuals.
by FantaWriter November 26, 2019
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A disease that makes it so whenever somebody timestops in a bizzare day(Roblox game) the patient with the disease has to reset. Can spread if the person trying to kill them is a loser. Image is what happens in their brain.
Oh no he has Time-stop Disease!
by Deathhead42 August 20, 2019
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When people really need to stop, or when you lost your parents. "ITS TIME TO STOP OK"
You'd probably use this when your friend hops into your van into your seat right next to you. It's time to stop.
by Om3n! December 1, 2016
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whenever says something stupid or not related to the conversation.
Person 1 " You know, I really like the new episode of rick and morty, it is kind of sad though."
Person 2 "I'm thinking of dropping out of algebra because I would rather be the top student in the lower class"
Person 1 "It's time to stop!"
by GalacticTacoz September 20, 2017
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a "meme" that's based on a video created by "TVFilthyPrank"
Used when something "disturbing" is shown.
(FNaF Rule 34 is shown on screen) "ITS TIME TO STOP!" Green Screen cut plays
by Monokuma1112 October 27, 2016
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A special time at which you must STOP.
Person 1: Omg, its, like, stop time! But I want to talk annoyingly more!

Person 2: NO. It's time to STOP!
by bruhthisismyhandle August 21, 2021
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Every little ghetto boy's dream for the future...
Little James wished for Rims that keep spinning every time you stop for his birthday wish...should have said world peace, but that's him...
by RatchetBoo July 27, 2003
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