Someone who actively creates content on TikTok.
"Hey, did you see that new TikTokker that's been getting popular lately?"
by SmashBotLS2 May 28, 2022
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A person who, if not funny, should be banished from all use of Earth and should have no more frying pans. If they ARE funny, they shall be praised as they are carrying on Vines death.
Bob (an ignorant slut): Why is thatTikTokker dancing to Rockefeller Center?

Me (secretly a TikTokker): dont worry, he's funny.
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an under-aged child who wastes their lives 24/7 on tiktok posting the cringiest of videos, trying to get famous (but the fame actually goes no where)
-tiktokkers when they are late for special ed class-
by epictomatosalad October 5, 2020
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