3 definitions by Mac Aroni N'Cheese A.K.A. Jeff

A person who, if not funny, should be banished from all use of Earth and should have no more frying pans. If they ARE funny, they shall be praised as they are carrying on Vines death.
Bob (an ignorant slut): Why is thatTikTokker dancing to Rockefeller Center?

Me (secretly a TikTokker): dont worry, he's funny.
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n.) the mixture between a slut and a whore. a person who deserves all the hate in the world.
Emma is such a shlore. She only talks about how sucks f*cks her boyfriend.
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The most destructive verbal attack known to man. This can only be defected if you said "no u" which then the other must commit scooter ankle.
Tim: ur mom gay
Bob: (turns around with smirk on face) no u
Tim: *dies by scooter ankle
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