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Beautiful, Caring, Amazing Girl, Anyone Would Be Lucky To Have A Best Friend Just Like Her <3 Best Hugs Out You Could Ask For && A Strong Girl That Dont Take Any Shit From People, Trust Her With Your Life ! I Love Her <3
Person 1 : Daamn She Is Seeexy Total Tijana ;)
Person 2 : Best Hugs Out, Just Like Tijana <3
by Brea_Baby November 23, 2011
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Tijana is the definition of perfect. You will not find anything more beautiful than a Tijana. Tijana's usually specialise in being Tumblr and having longer hair than Rapunzel herself. Tijana's usually don't believe they're perfect so you may have to remind them everyday. If you want to be truly happy in life you will have to find a Tijana.
"That girl looks perfect, she must be a Tijana"
by CarlosTheMex April 07, 2015
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LOUD. Caring, Supportive, Loves Sharing Food, Especially If it's been In Your Mouth :) Awesome Person, Beautiful Inside And Out, She's One of My Best Friend For A Reason... She Likes To Bite People.
Person 1: God , She's So Tijana.
by TijanaIsMyBabe November 23, 2011
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a sexy unique clean female who is very independent whom does not rely on others and is happy with whom she is because shes is not the average type gets crazy when its necessary .
Tijana is so independent
by Dizzybabee July 23, 2009
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Something that is really annoying.
It gets on your nerves.
She is being such a tijana.

Gross, look at that tijana!
by Maybeline May 23, 2008
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