Words made famous by Charlie Sheen after his wife got a court restraining order against him, from her and his two sons. he allegedly said

"Tiger blood will drip from my veins in my quest. Defeat is not an option. She is an absolute traitor and she must be banished. She will be living under a bridge, toothless and confused".

He than began using it on twitter and it gained massive popularity on the social networking site.
One of Sheen's first Tweets: Questions..? I'm here for my people..! Bring it!! #Tigerblood

Bro1: Man did you check out Sheen's Twitter account?

Bro2: Yeah what's all this crazy shit about Tiger blood?

Bro1: It's all about being a winner. That guy is bat shit crazy, but cool as fuck.
by Joelcasch March 02, 2011
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Blood that infuses the body of a person who has been wronged but knows they are a winner. This blood is so powerful that the possessor is overcome by passion to the point that there words are woven in what appears to be a violent torrent of awesomeness. Those possessing Tiger blood project a smokescreen of hysterics intended to throw off trolls and confuse the simple minded.
Charlie Sheen has tiger blood and brought the heat to Warner Brothers.
by Wishborn March 12, 2011
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To "have tiger blood" apparently makes you badass or awesome, according to Charlie Sheen.
by i have tiger blood. BAM. March 11, 2011
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Cocktail consisting of crystal methamphetamine, MDMA, cocaine, honey and grape juice. Purveyed by drug gangs, TIGER BLOOD is an easy way to circumvent traditional narc convention. It represents the rise of China, the rise of the Latin American Drug gangs, and the end of America. Usually consumed in McMansions.
Goddess, I'm thirsty -- will you pass the tiger blood?
by Matt Matthewson March 06, 2011
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Cocaine, a derivative of cocaine or any effect achieved from the use of cocaine.
I snorted, smoked and bathed in tiger blood. Now I have tiger blood coursing in my arteries.
by briantroy March 10, 2011
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An alpha male or female who demonstrate high speed energy and live life to the extreme; someone with Tiger Blood is a hunter of opportunity and a dangerous adversary to those who threaten him/her; sexual prowess and stamina
Someone who has tiger blood works hard, plays hard, sleeps little, stays focused and on top of their game, then goes to work and makes big $$; Charlie Sheen
by dantonyp March 12, 2011
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That extra-special genetic factor that allows one to take inhuman amounts of drugs and survive. The only known person with tigerblood is Charlie Sheen.
I've got Adonis DNA, tigerblood and CBS should be licking my feet
by sarutehman March 07, 2011
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