The word Tieran means you are obsessed with certain female celebrities to the point of having uncontrollable sexual urges which relates to masturbating to their pictures. The word usually is used when describing high school boys who fantasise over girls who they do not talk to.
School kid: "Yo, did you see that picture that girl uploaded who works in foot asylum"
Other kid: " yeh shes so dank"
School kid: "you did a Tieran init"
by Mya Mills lover December 11, 2017
Kinda a bitch, kinda the worst

His Girlfriend is tight tho
Do you know Tieran?”
by Momomimomomo October 11, 2018
That dude sitting across from me. He's allergic to eggs.
Wowee. I can't believe that dudes allergic to eggs.

Yeah, he's such a tieran
by Mylifeisvoid October 11, 2018
Tieran is a funny and clumsy person he makes friends easily but probably never will get a girlfriend
Tieran: Hey girl whatcha doin'
Girl: Fuck off

Tieran: You know you love me, I know you care
by Jacklosion November 18, 2017
A girl that is actually a man with an 18 inch cock that fucks everyone she sees. She is attracted to brunettes because she is brunette and give them everything she’s got.
That’s a dirty tieran right there! Okay
by BigPapiBoy October 8, 2021