A challenge that still exists to this day, most commonly known for it's suicidal outcomes due to the chemicals in it.
Jimmy committed Tide Pod Challenge and his cause of death was ruled as suicide by Tide Pod.
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The act of eating a tide pod normally recorded and posted on instagram.
Guy 1: Bro do you want to do the tide pod challenge?

Guy 2: What’s that?

Guy 1: It’s where we record ourselves eating a tide pod and we post it on Instagram.

Guy 2: Oh then hell yeah bro I’m down! I’ll go get the bleach to wash it down.
by Underyourbed1234 January 20, 2018
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The retarded internet virals (other than ikoy-ikoyan/ikoy-ikoy, Rickroll, Sandstorm/Darude - Sandstorm/Sandstorm by Darude, Harlem Shake, butchered languages {anagrams nobody asked for---such as "ngab" or "sabi", "all your base are belong to us", DogE, meme man}, new words nobody asked for {like literally, every Urban Dictionary's definitions}, etc.) which still exists till now
Are you a dog who suffers rabies, so you do "Tide Pods challenge"?
by Sir. B August 31, 2021
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