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Tida is a Hawaiian word for an agressive female personality who will fight with you. Very similar to Tita, only spelled phonetically like a Haole with a mainland education would spell it.
Shakespeare proved to us that he could tame a shrew, but Eslynne Smith will prove to you that you do not tame a Tida, the Tida tames you.
by TamingTheTida February 01, 2015
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A very unique type of person there is not many girls like her .She calls every guys attention in a blink of an eye without one even noticing.Tida is a very athletic and fun and energetic person.She will always have a smile that brights up someone's day no matter how dark it is.Her eyes are like diamonds she will always be there for you.She has various talents which make her even better to meet.
Person 1:I met an amazing girl today
Person 2:Her nane has to be Tida!
by Keyton Luise June 13, 2017
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1. Often associated with speed and agility, a Tida is best described in one word: Steeze. Rare among third world countries due to hazzardous circumstances, Tidas strive in warm climates and river-side habitats. 2. Tom Schaaf 3. The butt-end of a pool stick. Rarely recognized as a piece in itself, it is detachable from a pool stick and can be used in self defense against angry, drunken, and often fairy-boyesque opponents.
In a state of shock and confusion, I gently detached my tida from my pool stick and threw it at Bob.
by Tom Schaaf September 27, 2005
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A big Nibba that lives in the ocean and makes memes for the world. Everyone wants to hang out with this big Nibba for all the quality memes
1: Man I can’t believe Tidas made this hella good meme
2: Today I just feel like hanging out with Tidas
3: Man I just went through an ocean of memes Tidas just made
by TheBigNibbaBeliever October 29, 2017
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