Tiberiu is a romanian name, inspired after the word Tiberius . A Tiberiu is a nice, smart and charming guy, a wonderful friend. He will always make you laugh at his dark humor. Every person named Tiberiu is dirty minded 100%, he's not a Tiberiu if he's not dirty minded. He can also have wholesome conversations and show you his appreciation and love.

You will surely find a lot of things in common with Tiberiu. Also, he has a lot of fangirls. ALWAYS
Tiberiu is not a toxic man and will respect everyone's rights and pronouns. Tiberiu is also a fulltime Weeb.
He may stutter at first when he starts talking with you, but that only happens because he is shy, and after you get to know him, you will discover his real personality- goofy, caring and charming- that will make you want to be his friend even more.
If you ever meet a Tiberiu, make sure to take care of him and keep him close. You don't want to lose a person with a beautiful soul like his!
A: "Hey girl! I met this guy named Tiberiu. He is really sweet and cares a lot!"
B: "OMG! I'm so happy for you! Make sure to keephim close, a Tiberiu is really hard to find these days!"
by Sofiicus January 12, 2021
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A common romanian word referring to a cool, sexy guy. you should only use it if the guy is absoloutely perfect. Tiberius are usually obsessed with PSP (pro evolution) and Parnaz girls.They are dynamite in bed .
Parnaz : I got hooked up with a guy last night . he was such a dynamite in bed. He was Tiberiu

Andreja: OMG ! its like awesome , I wish i could hook up with a Tiberiu. Thats the biggest dream of my life

Katija : LOL , Its impossible Tiberiu's are usually into Parnaz's
by Tibiobsessed May 03, 2009
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Tiberius (Ty) is a young boy at the age of 15 he has a twin sister, Livia (Livvy), a little brother, 8, called Octavian (Tavvy), a little sister, 13, named Drusilla (Dru), an older brother, 17, called Julian (Jules), another older brother, at the age of 21 called Mark and an older sister, Helen at the age of 23. He is in love with a young boy named Christopher (Kit) Herondale. (This is all dating back to 2012)
Tiberius looked at Kit, longingly.
by Tomorrow is today June 02, 2020
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From the 2009 Star Trek, Tiberius is synonymous with "awful".
The original phrase it came from: Tiberius? That's the worst!
I can't go to the KISS concert because I have a test the next day. It's so Tiberius!
by Trekker102 November 01, 2009
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adj: Somebody who has a psychotic obsession with a person they have met on only few occasions
Wow Jack really has a serious tiberius for that girl he met at summer camp.
He really made a tiberius of that status.
by TheSpinmaster June 13, 2015
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The sexiest of all video game players. He is a master of Halo. Bow down to him when you meet him on the streets. He is the highest for of 1337 imaginable.

Member of the TMBJ Clan.
Damn you Tiberius! Someone go kill that SOB.
by Tiberius October 23, 2003
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Horrible person umm this person definitely hates there self there also anti-black. And there a colorist there selfish and doesn’t care about anybody’s feelings there desperate for love so they probably. Online date or they see random people in the streets and like them this person is the worst person every. And if your this person I want you to know that I hate u but Somewhere in my heart I don’t look I’m not finna explain myself. But fuck how u feel and fuck u as a person your rude and disrespectful and you have a fucked up mindset. AND YOUR (opinion) IS SOOOOOOOO WRONG and its crazy to know that u think that way your fucked up Fr your probably reading this. And saying u don’t care but u really should your truly fucked up and wrong Ik that u hate your self. I just know u do for u to say something like that yea u definitely do you probably thinking who wrote this. but that’s beside the point I don’t talk to u Tiberius and will never but your a horrible person and look shut tf up I don’t care actually I Don’t GIVE AF IF YOU Don’t CARE just shut up pls for once can u just listen hush your mouth and listen anyways like I said your a horrible person your messed up and you drive me crazy and I can’t believe I just said that omg I just said wow ummm lol yea well if u do read this I don’t hate u but I do lol idk it’s confusing bye- my name is Hailey - I could be lieing who knows 🤷 ♀️
Horrible person 😁 don’t hang around people like this Tiberius
by Haliey Maria northern August 10, 2021
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