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Noun - a word to describe someone whos either a chav , a townie, or someone whos just inbetween. A less insulting way to talk about them than just coming out and calling them a chav. Most commonly used by moshers, or individual people, who don't want to be insultive, or who are friends with people who will get insulted by the insultive use of either the word chav or townie.
chav friend: he does drugs?!
mosher: Yes! he's a total chav!
chav friend: why are you saying that like such an insult?! i hate you!
now, this may seem great to any antichavs reading this, but the mosher might just want this chav as a friend, for the short term...
so lets try that again
chav friend: he does drugs?!
mosher: Yes! he's a tavvy, remember?!
chav friend: Oh yeah! well spotted bruv (mosher rolls eyes)
And theres the happy ending for both people, until the mosher spots their mistake!!
by Loraa October 24, 2005
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