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A Vietnamese female who is extremely cute; they're often shy but when you break through their shell, they're a very energetic person! Thuy-Anh's do have tempers but nonetheless, they are the person to go to. They'll always be there to help a friend. Though they maybe crazy or weird in parts of their life, they are wonderful! Thuy-Anh's often show lots of respect to others but rarely show how mean they are. They have the most cutest laugh in the world! Making a Thuy-Anh laugh will make your heart melt! If you're Thuy-Anh boyfriend then she'll gladly cook for you, she'll care for you, she'll do anything that you tell them to do! Secretly, some Thuy-Anh drink and their emotions may change. They may act all lovey dubby or they may be moody.
You know the new girl? She's such a Thuy-Anh, I still wonder why she doesn't have a boyfriend yet...
by Fan-FictionsAreMyLife March 22, 2017
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A beautiful Asian female who is slightly goofy and really crazy in all areas of her life; never forgotten and always lovable. Thuy-Anh's have a temper, but they are always usually sweet, outgoing, and fun loving.
That girl I went out with last night was such a Thuy-Anh, and she wants to meet up with me tomorrow night.
by Tootie Van Halen August 04, 2011
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