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Thunder up is the term used when the Oklahoma city thunder basketball team gives an ass whooping to other teams.
Thunder up on the Los Angeles Lakers tonight!
by Thunderjunkey22 April 27, 2010
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(V): The act of adding decorations specific to the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team to anything and everything as a way to show how pumped up you are for the team. Basically making anything Thunder-ized.
James: Did you see that building with a beard?
Kevin: Yeah, they Thundered Up that building.

Serge: The whole state of Oklahoma is Thundering Up!
Thabo: I know, I can't go anywhere without seeing people dressed in orange and blue, street art, flags and banners.

Russell: We need to Thunder Up for the big game.
Kendrick: Yeah, we should buy lots of Thunder stuff and wear it and put it everywhere.
by OKCThunderLover June 14, 2012
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To be ready to fight; To be prepared for an ass-whooping
Tom: I'm gonna knock you the fuck out, punk
Dick: Thunder up, bitch
by A. Kylar July 04, 2016
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