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The arbitrary name given to the NBA's Seattle Supersonics after they were stolen by a lying, dishonest, manipulative Oklahoma City businessman. So named because in a state as boring as Oklahoma, the most interesting thing anyone could think to name their only pro-team after was the weather.

The theft was so blatant and offensive that even local Oklahoma City residents expressed discomfort with acquiring a pro franchise in such a manner, having been previously rooting for the New Orleans Hornets during the temporary Katrina-related relocation of 2005-06.

Seattle residents still vent with rage over the actions of the OKC businessman and the former Sonics owner. Even renowned sports columnist The "Sports Guy" Bill Simmons refuses to call the team by their new name, referring to them in all print as the Zombie Sonics.

In short, every sports movie ever made has a villian who is threatening to move the team for no good reason. The OKC Thunder are permanent, living proof that bad guys really do win in real life.
Trent: Yo, you wanna go to the game tonight? Lakers are starting their 3-game homestand.
Kent: Eh, dunno, who are they playing?
Trent: Oh.... oh. The OKC Thunder. Never mind then, man, I don't want to support that shitty team, even on accident. Let's go watch football instead.
by President Warren G. Harding January 02, 2010
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