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The self proclaimed "Ultimate Male". The World Champion rassler played by none other than Terry Gene Bollea in Rocky 3.
Thunder Lips caressed Rocky's abber dabbers with his feathery moustache.
by The Reverend Matty G July 22, 2005
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the wrestler from "Rocky 3" rocky has a charity fight aganst. a very goofy character. but you will probobly wish he could be around more. goes by the nickname "Thunderlips:the ultimate male" and taunts those he fights aganst by calling them "meatball". also usually has beautiful women surrounding him. he was played by the then unknown hulk hogan
person #1: hey dude have you ever watched the rocky movies?

person #2: yeh man! they are amazing. i love in part 3 when he fights that crazy wrestler! What was his name again? oh yeh thunderlips

person #1:yeh i know that part was INSANE!
f.y.i only watch 1-4 and balboa
by clownbaby drago June 19, 2011
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