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Thunder Punch: A drink created by the group Rolling Thunder, red in color and sweet, has been known to cause a variety of side effects mostly ending in lots of sex,
Warning do not attempt to consume Thunder Punch in a glass bottom Tankard, has been known to eat away the cement holding said glass and cause bottom of tankard to drop out. do not spill Thunder Punch on ANYTHING unless it to is red in color for items will become stained blood red forever, search for Society for Creative Anachronism
savored and enjoyed during SCA War. nothing is better than a full tankard of Thunder Punch wile sitting around a Campfire wile watching Half or full naked dancing women to the heart beat of Thunder Drums echoing through the night.
by A Thunder Brother November 23, 2012
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Attack characteristic of Hitmonchan in the original Pokemon Game Boy versions. Sometimes causes paralysis.
Don't use THUNDERPUNCH you fucking retard, it's not very effective agains fire pokemon!
by pleasur October 29, 2006
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The Thunderpunch is performed by screwing a dame from behind doggystyle, then exactly at the point of orgasm, you pull out from the dirty lil concubine, and with all your might, you uppercut her right in the box, while spraying your man goo all over the place.....then in your best AC/DC "Thunderstruck" voice you must yell,....." You've Been THUNDERPUNCHED!!!...huuugghhh!!!!"
" I thunderpunched that broad so hard I broke her pelvis and my fist was sore for a week..."
by KarenLess November 20, 2004
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A fucking MAGICAL drink created by Justin L. Only available at Taco Bell. You know its Thunder Punch when its a clear-ish grey. It taste like fucking Jesus.


- 2/5 Sierra Mist
- 2/5 Baja Blast Mountain Dew
- 1/5 Pink Lemonade
Justin: Hey, let's go to Taco Bell and get some fucking THUNDER PUNCH!
Devin: FUCK YEAH! I wanna fucking Thunder Punch a baby! Then fuck its mom's brains out!
Justin: Fuck Yeah! Let's go.
Bill Clinton: Drink Thunder Punch! It's fucking delicious!
by yetifreak June 17, 2009
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A type of punch Bruce Lee invented usually reserved for the lower extremities of a man -- the junk.

Ex A.
Dude, you are being an ass, I'm totally going to thunder punch you in the junk.

Ex B.
Zombie Bruce Lee: Hyahhhhh!!!!11!!!1 (punch)

Me: Fuck, Bruce Lee's motherfucking zombie just gave me the thunder punch. Now I have ball hurt.

by Bubalzibubba March 20, 2008
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Thunderpunch v.-
To use sheer manpower, rather than experience, in order to successfully perform a complicated or difficult task.

To use an excess amount of force to complete an athletic task.
John thunderpunched the javelin further than all the opposing team's regular throwers.

Despite having never kick boxed in his life, Asante still managed to own his opponent through hefty thunderpunching.

When Danny Luperone thunderpunched the hurdle, it exploded.
by Chad Michaels June 07, 2007
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A variation of the back hand Pimp Slap , but used with a closed fist with less finesse more brute force.

thu thu thu thunnnnnder punch !
The sound which one hears before getting thunder punched.
My broad dont be listening too well so i gotz to thunder punch her in the head to get her to obey !!
by Delgado November 16, 2005
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