it's like when you did a goog thing you deserve a "thu". Also is a way to sau congratulations.
"men I upload my hig score in temple run to 16.000.000"

by semzema February 12, 2013
Used to describe some one ugly; very very ugly not worth looking at, very nasty
by Dropped_2_C January 1, 2009
Species: A common bich.
Family: Bufferthanyouceae Homo notsapien.
Habitat: Big Bag High School
Diet: Greasy food prepared by un-gloved/unwashed hands. Is vulnerable to vegetables.
Characteristics: Nocturnal
Activities: pop-locking, lion dance
Mating habits: Entail going to the gym and pumping iron to build muscle and attract males, especially of the Japaneses/Chinese species Takeshi.
Common predator: One who irons clothes and white man
Common prey: symbiotic bacteria "pewby"
I just spotted a Thu at the gym preparing for the next mating season.
by Smart Guy Period November 6, 2007
'Th' from 'through' and 'ooo'combine to complete the word 'Thu'. Commonly said out loud in south india to convey feelings of disgust or disappointement
Consider a conversation between A and B
A:Dude, I met this girl who said she wanted to fuck me!
B: Macha! So did you?
A: No da, I'm waiting for the right girl!
B: Thu!!
by Kaleidoscope19 October 10, 2008
A charming tiny lady, usually very friendly and always smiling.
She always gets invited because she's such a thu!
by Jynder March 27, 2011
1. (used to introduce a logical conclusion) from that fact or reason or as a result
2. In the way indicated
by anonymous July 17, 2003
This person probably is a short Asian but she cute,beautiful,funny and just the best person to be around with
by Juan Merlin October 31, 2015