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verb, noun;
Throwsplode, Throwsplodes, Throwsplosion(s), Throwsploded, Throwplown spl-own, Throwsplew, Throwsploing, Throwsplogic, Throwsplozzle Th-row-sp-lah-zuhl / Throwspizzle.

The word Throwsplo is rumored to have been first used as a slang term by George Washington. He commonly used it when talking about how much he liked Throwsploding the Britains during the revolutionary war in the late 1700's.

1. Messing stuff up (positive or negative connotations)

2. Doing something so ill you can't describe it with any other word.

3. The description of an action where an object either being thrown, or an object (including a person) moving in one direction, hits against a surface or against another object thus resulting in an explosion in the opposite (backwards) direction of the initial movement.

4. Various forms of busting a nut; blowing a load; ejaculating.

5. Intense desire to throw something breakable, or to splatter an object

6. Feeling a good flow of either physical dexterity / movement or lyrical precision, when rapping for instance.

Throw, Explosion, Load, Flow.
1 A. "Hi son, I got fired from my job cause the Boss said I was throwsploing around too much."

1 B. "I scored a sweet job. When the interviewer called me to tell me I had the job she said, 'Damn boy you really throwsploded through that interview!'"

2. "Did you see what Tony Hawk did last night at the X-Games?"
"No, what did he do?"
"He all this crazy shit where... well I can't really explain it. Basically, he was throwsplosioning like a mother fucker!"

3. "Listen, that old lady goes through the red light real fast, then suddenly she Throwsplodes right into this guy in a wheelchair! He went into orbit!"

4. "This girl was licking my dong like it was all you can lick buffet, and then I looked at her and boom, I done and Throwsplown all over her face."

5. "The other day my neighbor was yapping about some shit, so I went into her kitchen, picked up a vase, came back outside, and then I wanted to Throwsplode that vase right on her boob, but then I used Throwsplogic and was like - man that is so wrong. So I put her vase down and left."

6. "This guy was rapping about the special olympics and he was so good I said to him, yo nukka, you have a real talent, you Throwsplo like a pro."
by Throwsploder March 26, 2009
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