A dated and offensive expression generally used by English people to describe someone having an over the top strop.

Offensively refers to Irish people as "paddys" and their "over the top sulking" when it came to the English stealing Irish land, pillaging and their refusal to grant the Irish their independence for a long time.
It implies unreasonableness, obstinacy and an inability to control the temper (which go nicely with drunkeness and violence of course).

Outdated expression thats up there with the likes of "working like a black"
What are you throwing a paddy for?
He wouldn't turn off the tv so I threw a paddy
by cupantae94 February 18, 2017
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Offensive expression used to describe someone having a tantrum by comparing someone to a "paddy". Unsurprisingly it's an expression only used by the English.
by maria90 March 31, 2017
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Throwing a tantrum, exploding in anger/frustration over something trivial.

Not related to the offensive term for the Irish 'Paddy' in any more way than the term Paddy field.
He couldn't get tickets for the last Take That concert and threw a right paddy.

Where's Sue?

Oh, she broke a fingernail and now she's throwing a paddy in her room.
by minerva1961 November 16, 2010
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To throw a tantrum, to show upset
He was not happy about being overlooked for promotion, I was leaving as he started to throw a paddy
by daveuk123 April 25, 2018
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An endearing term to describe someone having a tantrum over something menial. Clearly created after a fella called Paddy went off de walls, nothing to do with those chaps on the Emerald Isles at all.
"My teacher threw a right paddy when I said I didn't have my homework".

"Jesus, look at Susan throwing a paddy again."
by JohnnyMaloney May 29, 2019
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