V. To Throp;
To mash down, in a violent or excitable manner, upon ones keyboard, to create a random assortment of letters.

Thropping is an excellent way to show ones anger, excitement, boredom or even confusion, to others.
Peter : "Have you heard of Frank Turner? You should take a listen...."
Fenella : "LJKHKJHNBGIUOGT HE IS SO GOOD! Why did you not introduce me to him earlier?!"
Peter : "I know, that was a great opportunity to throp, well done."
by TheFaceOfBoe August 16, 2011
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Verb. When you drop something and try to catch it before it lands, but you end up throwing it down harder on the floor than if you had just let it fall.
Yeah, my phone's screen is busted because I thropped it on my way to work the other day.

I tried to make a sneaky exit from my one-night stand's place, but I thropped my keys and woke her/him up.
by Darth Vek April 19, 2016
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The act of sticking a piece of stick gum in your significant others ass let it sit for a full hour then remove it chew it thoroughly and kiss anyone on the mouth all while chewing the gum.
Last night my girlfriend and I throped my mom.
by Jack cool dude March 13, 2018
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A trap and a thot in one homosapien
β€œJohn why is there a picture of a THROP on ur wall hmmmmmmm”
by ItsMercs June 08, 2018
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