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The day that all the thots gather together and perform a satanic ritual at Starbucks Coffee. The pumpkin spice latte is like an a strengthening elixir to the thots, avoid giving them $4.25 at all costs.
This is a national emergency. The bitches have all gathered on a day the media calls Thotmas, but is also called judgement day by some. Stay home at all costs and throw out all Starbucks coffee or gift cards. The U.S.A is in a state of national emergency.
by PattyFlipper April 20, 2018
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ma gay person who loves denying it even though he knows it’s true.
by bigppgirl April 18, 2019
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The reason why Craig can’t fucking sleep at night
His wife is confused of her own identity and his son is the definition of gay itself

The only person normal in his life is his daughter but she decided she’d rather be Granny Norma than herself
by Gay boy Twok April 10, 2018
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Tomas Chang is a thicc man living in Taipei, Taiwn. He has a strong affection towards young human beings, especially those below the age of 14. The lower the age the better. Recently he has been suffering from a cheeky financial crisis and is willing to do whatever it takes to earn money. Whether it be sucking another man's dick, drinking cum, and so forth. He claims that his friends truly push him to his full potential by continuously offering him challenges in life. Due to his friends, he may face the challenge of drinking one's ejaculation on Thursday although he currently claims he will not be doing that since he is stAcked. He finds this quite hot mainly because he is a lonely fuck. He is easy to spot because he looks like a gorilla. If you want to find him, he is his house crying because he's also a sad fuck. I hope you die thotmas but ily
Is that her??
Yea!! She's the sister of Thotmas!
Wow she is so cute
by Whatareyoulookingatthotmas January 29, 2019
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