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A thop is a combination of the words, thot and top used to describe a gay male who tops a lot of bottoms.
John has a bottom for every day of the week, he's such a thop.
by Trafy June 01, 2018
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To ejaculate continously over someones face until they appear as if they are they michelin man.
Dude I thopped on jesses sister until she looked like the guy from those tire commercials!
by Andrew Fenske April 19, 2008
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A sharp rapping with the palm of the hand on the back of someone's head. A thop is commonly used when the thoppee has said or done something illogical or stupid, or it can be used as a threat.
'If you don't get yo ass here right now I'll thop you into next week!'
by ithinkmrkellylovesme May 20, 2018
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Replaces the word "Though, Tho, thop', or any connetation of the word." Also it can be tag-a-longed at the end of any sentence or word and make perfect sense, not to even be questioned.

Also it may replace a word that may seem obvious to its actual meaning.
Man you got so jeff'd last night, not as bad as miles thop.

I hate asians thop.

I heard kristen got a cleveland steamerthop.

Teemu really likes it in the thop.
by thop' February 07, 2009
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