A Thing in this context refers to an extremely hot girl/woman. In this context, thing would replace regular terminology such as 'hottie, babe, stunner, glamour, hot girl etc'.

Obviously this can be used in plural form as well.

Additionally, a prefix can be added using a descriptive word to categorise the 'type' of thing, or the level of hotness/attractiveness of said thing.
Wow, look at those things across the road.

Oh my god you should have seen this thing at the gym last night.

Look over there; fashion things.

I want to destroy this thing that lives in my building, you should see her.
by Bellenders November 30, 2011
it is a highly complex action that

The Doctor performs that is extremely difficult to explain.

All anyone knows is to "respect the thing"
"From there we are going to stabilise the werckage, stop the angels, and cure Amy"


"Ill do a thing"

"What thing?"

"I dunno, a thing in progress, Respect the thing"
by Monotoneminor October 21, 2011
A term used by someone who wants it to look like he is getting at a girl however it is just one sided.
Yo I hung out with sophia and we are a "thing" now
by AlahIsBeforeEveryone February 25, 2018
Alien: Did you see that thing? Looked like one of those earth dogs
by Meeeeeeee1508 August 2, 2017
a dick (male or female) a shit, watever you want to call a "thing"
also used to replace a dirty word
andy's thing is big!!!
u left a huge thing in the toilet
i used the thing for protection
today i touched my thing and it felt good
by fook August 24, 2003
Believed to have been invented by non other than Dave Rollins himself, thing is a word to replace all nouns none to man.

Note that thing is never plural.
Send all them thing to warwickshire.

Have you got thing.
by Dict-o-man September 30, 2003